“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:40

About us

The need

Inhumane conditions for children and a very large number of single mothers, as well as millions of orphans, without adequate resources for food, electricity and water.

Our mission

Education for needy children and young people, perspective for a good future, and safety and healing for women from violent situations.


In 2023, the association “Vision Südamerika e.V.” was founded in Germany. At the same time, the foundation of the Asociación “Visión Sudamérica” was initiated in Paraguay.

It's your donation that counts!

With your donation to VISION SÜDAMERIKA e.V. you support our work and help people out of poverty and lack of perspective. You enable us to provide the appropriate support, housing and supplies.

Many thanks to all supporters!

Current projects
Women’s shelter “El Ramal”
House of prayer and worship
La Roca – Youth
Poor district
Structure of the missionary work

The vision

Check out the first attempt at a visualized version of our vision. Get to know our perspective and the direction in which we want to grow.

Become a supporter

Any form of support is gladly welcome. We are grateful for financial support but also for practical help on site and prayers.

We are engaged
Meet our team

Renate & Karsten Schurig


Renate and Karsten Schurig from Germany followed God’s call in 2021 and started their ministry in South America (Paraguay). The center of their work is the love for Jesus and the love for the people.

Erna & Martin Engelmayr


Erna Engelmayer is the president of the Vision Südamerika e.V. association. Her husband Martin Engelmayr is the treasurer of the association. Both love to lead people into their calling.

Natalie & Nico Sapio


Natalie Sapio is the association’s vice president and the administrative force behind all organizational tasks. Her husband Nico Sapio supports in the area of digital media.

Evelyn Schurig


Evelyn Schurig provides support in the graphic design and social media areas. She also brings her professional experience in architecture to the projects of Vision South America.

Adrian Nahlik


Adrian Nahlik is a man with a big heart for serving people in need. He has a managerial position in a reception center for refugees. He uses his skills in the association in many ways.

Doreen & Nico Koch


Doreen Koch is the treasurer’s right-hand. Her husband Nico Koch provides support in the areas of media and social media. Both have a good eye for the necessary finishing touches.

Helmut Kahlert & Corinna Mietschke


Together with Renate & Karsten, and Maria Metzinger, Helmut Kahlert and Corinna Mietschke run the El Ramal women’s shelter in Paraguay. Both have been an important pillar for the women’s shelter for many years.

Maria Metzinger


Maria Metzinger is the founder of the El Ramal women’s shelter. Her heart burns for the poorest of the poor. Together with her mother, who has already passed away, she came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1990 and began working in Paraguay in 1996.

Lolita & Anton Harder


Anton Harder is pastor of the “La Roca”-Church in Asuncion, where Renate & Karsten Schurig lead the youth group. Together with his wife Lolita Harder they form an important part of the Asociatión “Visión Sudamérica” as founding members.

Heidi Dyck


Heidi Dyck is also a founding member of the Asociatión “Visión Sudamérica”. Disabled people are close to her heart. Her experiences are very valuable.

Joel Wiens


Joel Wiens has been a faithful companion of “Visión Sudamérica”, helping with all tasks from the beginning. In addition, he translates our sermons in the youth services from German into Spanish.

Andrew Rojas


Andrew Rojas is on the mission staff and assists with tasks at the El Ramal Women’s Shelter, as well as youth ministry. His heart is worship and praise.

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