House of prayer and worship

In our personal worship times, God put on our hearts to start a prayer house in Paraguay. We were given the opportunity to purchase a suitable house. This is the very moment where we need your support to make this happen.

This is the current status of donations received that are needed to purchase the property:

Get on board and help us start a prayer house in Paraguay! We want to bring the love of God to the people and teach them about the Father’s heart. We want to give them the opportunity to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They should be free from all chains and shackles of religion and have a place where they can experience the Lord personally.

In addition to the possibility of starting the house of prayer and worship, the building offers sufficient space for a day care center and for two residential groups of about 6 people each. There is a large garden on the property, which is ideal for children’s play areas or for planting vegetables and fruits for self-sufficiency.

Women’s shelter “El Ramal”
La Roca – Youth
Poor district